Friends Forever ♡

Hello! How are you all doing? I know it’s been a while since I wrote something. All because I have been busy with school studies and exams. Here’s a new poem on friendship by me. Happy reading !!

Dear Sharma,

This one is for you.

Friends Forever

Friends since class Fourth
Best friends from class Ninth
There was a time
Our convo ended with I am fine
But now it’s the hour
When we talk even after the bye
It might have started by sharing a secret
But now there’s nothing we don’t know ’bout each other
Be it real world or be it a dream
You surely know everything
From never-ending chats
To the long night calls
I have preserved every second we talked in depth of my heart
The people say we are weird
But this world seems more cranky
And to be crazy with you
Is the best thing ever happened to me
The countless memories
Of the laughter and jokes we shared
You are the one with whom
My fears and sorrows can’t get a space
This friendship lights fireworks
In my deepest nights
Never knew what it was like
To be mad friends
But you gave me the taste of it too
There are days when I freak out
Thinking what I would do if you move out
But in the end
I know we’ll always be at each others side
And friends forever…

With love

I hope you liked it. Loads of love. Be safe

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