Is Delhi safe? What language should I speak when I reach out to there? Where will I stay? Will I get the kind of food I love? Are the foods unhealthy? Are there only luxurious brands that can make my wallet empty? How is the taxi system in Indian capital? These are some of the questions that might cross your mind before planning a trip to Delhi but I hope after reading this blog you will be at ease and will feel comfortable to visit there…

Delhi — The capital of India, locally called Dil Wallon ki Dilli is one of the oldest inhabited city in the world.The rich, colourful past, coupled with new, thriving culture brought by the migrants from almost all around the globe, gives Delhi an unique identity.

There are several ways to reach to Delhi as it is major commercial, political and cultural hub. You can reach through following ways:

a) By flight -: Airport- Indira Gandhi International Airport or IGIT

b) By train -: Train stations- Delhi Anand Vihar Terminal (ANVT), New Delhi (NDLS), Old Delhi (DLI), Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM),  Delhi Cantt. (DEC), Delhi Safdarjung (DSJ), Tuglakabad (TKD), Tilak Bridge (TKJ), Anand Vihar (ANVR) etc

c) By Bus and taxis or your personal vehicles too if you are residing near Delhi.

Now you are in Delhi and exploring Old Delhi is the first and foremost thing that you will enjoy the most. The curvy lanes of then called Shahjahanabad has to be discovered by foot. Starting from Red Fort built by Shah jahan in the 17th century to Chandani Chowk one of the busiest Delhi markets. If you are a jwellery lover then don’t forget to detour through Dariba Kalan, Asia’s largest jwellery shop. Then apart from Old Delhi; India Gate, Lodhi garden, Rajpath, Humayun tomb, Majnu ka Tilla, Qutub Minar, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Lotus Temple etc are some of the places you should add on your list.

Red fort, Rail museum, Lodhi garden, India gate, chandni chowk street, Rose cafe, Rail museum

If you are travelling with your kid then Rail museum, India gate, National Museum, Zoological Park, Nehru Park are some of the many places you may like to visit. For a couple who want to spend some quality time with your loved ones then do not forget to surprise your partner by visiting Parthasarathi Rock(JNU), Garden of five senses, Rose cafe etc..

Delhi is a mini world, people from almost all around the world reside here. For your living you can either stay in 5-star hotels or have a home-stay. If you live with an Indian family you can know more about their culture and their daily life. And this is really fun. According to what I have seen the number of guests who stayed with me are have always been content and went smiling.

1. Holi festival 2. School annual day 3. Couple (women wearing Indian saree) 4. Henna time

All of those guests who are now my good friends really enjoyed with us. We used to visit different places and then my mom used to teach them cooking and about Indian spices. Many of them made their first chappati with us and we did many other activities like playing board games, watching indian movies (usually me and my sister were the English translator for them and sometimes Mr. Ranjan would translate it in Japanese to make it easier for them to understand) and even listened Indian songs. We also had a time to exchange our culture with each other. The best part was seeing those beautiful ladies dressed up in Indian sarees and bindi.

Attention: This is the most important part if you are a big foody like me!! Delhi is famous for food like paranthas, chaat, rolls, golgappe, butter chiken, kebabs etc.. You can spend time in restaurants like Karim, garam dharam, Swarna- bhawan, don’t forget the Parantha wali gali of chandni chowk u surely will fall in love with it; these are just enough to make you satisfied even by using less money. And if you want to go in fancy restaurant then Indian Accent, Sevilla – The Claridges, Varq,Dakshin are some of the restaurants of your types.

1. Jungle jumboree 2. Servilla 3. Golgappa 4. From Swarna Bhawana 5. Butter chicken 6. Parantha wali gali 7. Varq 8. Indian Accent

Apart from these food and places you must not let your fear and someone’s assumption take a charge on you. Delhi is absolutely safe if you know the basic things about there. Here are few of the travel tips:

1. Always wear appropriate dress even if it’s very hot in Delhi. Yes you read it right!! If you are wearing revealing clothes then you are openly giving invitation to unwanted attention that may cause you harm. Also, you will not be allowed to enter the worship places in such kind of clothes. I am not against your clothing but respecting the culture of a place is what you should take care of.

2. If you are a girl then don’t take a taxi for traveling alone at night in New Delhi. This might be dangerous so try to travel only during day-time if you are alone.

3. Do carry cash money everywhere because your credit card cannot be used at all places. Street food in Delhi are not as bad as we might think of but then you don’t have any option to swipe your cards of you’re eating roadside.

4. The street foods are so smelly and can harm you. Only eat in proper restaurants. Not at all, this is just a wrong assumption. I think you must try as many Indian foods as you can, who knows which cuisine becomes your favorite one. Indian food is made with spices that along with its pleasant smell adds flavors and are healthy for consumption.

5. Don’t be so worried Delhi is absolutely safe if you take care of necessary things. Just learn to say nahi Hindi word for no. Also sometimes people might ask you for a selfie it’s just their way of showing love and respect. But if you don’t like you can restrict them.

These were the few tips you should keep in mind before traveling to Delhi. If you want to visit India then connect to Mr. Ranjan on social media for the best experience.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Best wishes with all!!

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